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Healthy Foods

Classroom Events  
Nutrition education is more than formal lesson plans. Offering healthy snack foods during classroom and school-wide events can be good teaching examples too. During classroom events, please help us by providing nutritious foods for students to taste and enjoy.   To download and print the list below, please click HERE.    
  Snack Foods that are Recommended Snack Foods that are NOT Allowed

Fresh fruits

Small bags of trail mix (without nuts)

Unbuttered popcorn

Fruit bread (i.e. pumpkin or zucchini)

Pumpkin or Sunflower seeds

Yogurt with fresh fruit

Vegetable sticks with yogurt dip

Fruit kebobs

Bran or fruit muffins

Raisins and dried fruit

String cheese or sliced/cubed cheese

Pita bread and dip

Fruit smoothies

Mini sandwiches cut into shapes


Bagels with cream cheese

Graham crackers

Fruit juice bars

Crackers (nut free)

Frozen yogurt


Cakes and cookies

Ice cream



Fruit punch



These foods contribute more than just calories, sugar, and fat.They taste great and are healthy for children too.

These foods have very little nutritional value.