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Ormondale's STEAM Lab/Maker Space:

The Mission statement for Ormondale's STEAM Lab/Maker Space reflects the everyday reality of the lab:  "In this place we will EXPLORE, CREATE, PLAY and COLLABORATE." And we do!

Students from all grade levels come to the STEAM Lab/Maker Space during lunch time or during scheduled class sessions.  They engage in any number of activities of their choosing: some love to build - cardboard is often the medium of choice, but really the sky and the materials at hand are the limit!  Others gravitate to the "Take Apart Table".  Learners love to discover what is inside the objects they see everyday.  The bits and pieces they liberate from toasters, hard drives, etc. are then re-purposed in all manner of creative and unexpected ways. Some use a hand drill to make holes in shells to create necklaces for themselves or friends, while others play with the Dash and Dot robots, check out the 3-D printer that is creating a new object, or they may use the iPads to design and print customized labels using the Zink Happy printer.

There are also seasonal Maker ideas available:  Paper braided wreaths, creating beaded key chain animals, decorating masks at Halloween to name a few.  The Maker Space is really about creating interesting projects and opportunities with whatever materials we have on hand.

The beauty of the STEAM Lab/Maker Space is the spontaneous collaborative nature of many of the projects, and the complete creative freedom of it.  It is open-ended exploration at its best, and students often come in for days or weeks to finish off a single project.  This is a great resource for our school and our students appreciate this by taking care of their space as well as by taking full advantage of the many opportunities to create that the space affords.

Donations to our STEAM Lab/Maker Space:

In our STEAM Lab/Maker Space we are constantly using and repurposing LOTS of materials.  
Here are some items that we can ALWAYS use more of:
  • Recycled containers, especially cardboard boxes and odd shaped/unusual boxes
  • Tape, all kinds
  • Crafting supplies (i.e., ribbon, beads, fabric - scraps included, paper)
  • Old appliances that kids can take apart (no microwave ovens, please)
  • Old tools to build with or take things apart with
  • Tubes: Cardboard or PVC
  • Plastic bottles of all types
  • A working iron (that you press clothes with)

Donations are accepted anytime!  You can drop them off in the school office or to Ms. Richards in Room 18.