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Science at Ormondale
As we completed our transition to the Next Generation Science Standards our students experienced  hands on experiments, demonstrations, and projects through the use of both the FOSS and Project Lead the Way curriculums.  Currently, our teachers are utilizing the Mystery Science curriculum to engage students in both the content and the scientific process helping them to develop skills of observation and an overall love of science.   
The classroom instruction and curriculum are the starting points for students' scientific explorations. Many Investigative Learning projects begin with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and then expand to include additional concepts of interest to the students.  Our Literacy Library contains an extensive selection of nonfiction resources exploring science topics which teachers integrate into their guided reading program. Each of our grade level teams work with our STREAM Coach to enrich the units of study.

Science Fair and Invention Convention

  Due to COVID-19, our annual Science Fair and Invention Convention was canceled during the 2020-2021 school year.  See below for information on our past Science Fairs. 

For the fair, students can choose to do an invention, an experiment, or a demonstration.

  • An invention is the creation of something from your mind resulting from study and experimentation. You can design something that solves a problem or apply the design process to create something from your imagination.

  • An experiment uses the Scientific Method to answer questions about the world around us.

  • A demonstration describes a scientific principle that we already know and shows how it works.  


This year we want to highlight and support the invention side of things which our students have already been exploring through the use of our Maker Space.


How can you engage and inspire your child in the invention process.

  1. Start conversations about what it means to be an inventor. (

  2. Check out this fun website and inspiring video:
    Caine’s Arcade and The Global Cardboard Challenge (you might want to have some cardboard handy)

  3. Visit a Museum for inspiration

Children’s Discovery Museum (San Jose)

Exploratorium (San Francisco)

CuriOdyssey (San Mateo)



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