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Differentiation Videos

Differentiation Videos

You are invited to step into our classrooms to see a sample of differentiated instruction in action.  While not exhaustive, these videos highlight the daily experience of differentiation in various subjects and across grade levels.  Select the grade level or specialist area you would like to explore.     Kindergarten As students enter Ormondale, the kindergarten teachers differentiate throughout the day to meet the needs of our budding scholars.  Watch these videos to see how many aspects of the core curriculum are differentiated.  


 Guided Reading

 Writers Workshop  
Reader's Workshop

  First Grade
First grade is an exciting year at Ormondale.  To help the children reach their full potential through this important phase in their education, the teachers differentiate in a variety of subject areas. Watch first graders in action through the following videos.    

Guided Reading Spelling Literacy Centers Math Calendar Math

  Second Grade
The second grade team has developed a range of differentiated resources to meet the needs of all students.  Through the year, students have the opportunity to select learning activities that are designed to meet their needs and spark their interest. To see examples of each on the following, click on the topic of interest to you.  

Math Spelling Technology Guided Reading

Third Grade
As students enjoy their final year at Ormondale, differentiation continues through a wide range of subjects.  Third graders are eager to learn more about their world and the teachers capitalize on this to help them reach their full potential by addressing their unique learning styles and academic needs.  

Guided Reading Spelling Math Math - Small Group

Differentiation is evident in all aspects of the student’s experience at Ormondale. Explore these snapshots of the many ways in which student learning is increased as teachers implement differentiation techniques.  

Reading Recovery