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Art in Action

Art in Action at Omondale  
Ormondale implements the Art in Action curriculum in each of our classrooms. The following information has been excerpted from their website to provide a brief overview of the experience. Please visit the Art in Action website where you can explore their extensive resources in greater detail:
The core of the Art in Action Program is a discipline-based, sequential art curriculum designed around the works of the great masters. It includes 12 lessons for each grade level, which introduce concepts, vocabulary, and techniques appropriate for that lesson and skill level. The program is aligned with California and National Visual Arts Standards and integrates with other elements of the core curriculum.

Students discuss the masterpiece, learn about the artist, and create their own masterpiece.

Each Art in Action lesson is based on a masterpiece by a great artist. Students analyze the masterpiece in a guided, open-ended discussion, learning about the artist, the style, and the principles of art. The masterpieces, which represent artists from many styles and cultures, include portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and abstract art. Students create their own original masterpieces to reinforce the concepts and techniques discussed in the masterpiece.

Kindergarten, first, and second grade programs introduce students to color, line, shape, and texture. Children learn about realistic, abstract, balance, pattern, and repetition. The third grade program introduces students to perspective and viewpoint, color theory, and 3-D form. The units explore how artists show form, movement, rhythm, and unity.

The following themes are explored at each grade level:

  • Art Around the World (Kindergarten)
  • Art Tells a Story (1st Grade)
  • The Artists Vision (2nd Grade)
  • Perspective in Art (3rd Grade)